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          All pupils at Castle Donington College will be expected to complete homework. It is a valuable part of secondary education. 

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          The amount of homework pupils receive varies according to age and subject. In Year 7, pupils should receive up to an hour a night. This will increase, each year, through to Year 11. 

          It is important for pupils to get into good habits and organise themselves so they are able to manage their time well and meet homework deadlines. Homework activities, for all subjects, can be found online on Show My Homework. We encourage pupils and parents to check the site daily. If you have difficulty logging on, see Mr Barratt as soon as possible. 

          For pupils to be successful with their homework, we suggest the following

          • Make sure they understand the homework at the time it is set 
          • Ask the teacher if they are unsure about any aspect of homework 
          • Try to do homework on the day it is set. Try not to leave it until the night before it should be handed in 
          • Try to establish good habits and routines. Complete tasks at a similar time each night 
          • Organise and plan homework time in advance 
          • Ensure deadline for handing in your homework are met 
          • Try to find a quiet place to complete homework 
          • Try to avoid distractions, like a phone, electronic devices or the TV 
          • If it is a difficult piece of writing (like a story, essay or report) draft it out in rough first. 
          • If a lot of homework has been set, plan to do it over a few days and build in rest breaks 
          • If homework is tricky, ask a family member to help (but not to do the homework), if they can’t see the teacher as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the deadline 
          • Try to do more than the minimum; use extra detail, explanations or illustrations, show your research by adding a bibliography for example. 
          • Always check through your work to spot mistakes and to add any final touches 

          If you have any concerns about homework contact your child’s Tutor or subject teacher in the first instance.

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